What is Mountain Man Strength?

Mountain Man, or Mountain Women strength is raw natural functional power. Being an avid outdoors man, I was inspired by the term Mountain Man Strength as it reminds me of the mental and physical toughness required to exist in the mountains. The quintessential Mountain Man is a plaid shirt, beard wearing(except ladies) beast, that can throw logs, survive the elements, and build a log cabin with an axe. A noble course of life is one who decides to obtain the strength of a Mountain Man. Physical and mental strength are both required on this journey. Some examples of this are Strongman, weightlifting (Olympic lifting), power lifters, and cross fit competitors. But do not be fooled, a person obtaining Mountain Man strength may not fit into these molds. Once you spot one, you can bet your Uncle Frank's Ford Falcon on it when you see them. To obtain Mountain Man Strength you must focus on compound barbell movements such as; snatch, clean and jerk, press, squat, dead lift, barbell rows, and eat a nutrient rich diet including lots of animal protein. Unless of course, you are an actual Mountain Man living in a log cabin on the side of a bear infested mountain.

Mountain Man Strength is now accepting applications for remote coaching, outdoor clinics, and online consulting.

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