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I am willing to accept a few clients at this time. ONLY if it is the right fit for us. The reason I won't accept anyone as a client, is: I heavily invest into my clients with time and effort. Also, The personality's have to match as well as the athlete's willingness to make changes.


Email your story to:


First the bad news, there is no magic supplement, special template, or 6 week program that will get you past the finish line of your health, fitness or strength goals.

Strength and fitness is a journey, and you continually need to make adjustments in order to keep making progress with your performance, diet, strength, endurance, rehab, and body composition.

You need a coach, mentor, trainer, instructor or wizard to give you the best individual results, to keep you accountable, and to motivate you.

The Good News?

I have 2 different avenues we can start our journey with:

Focus on: Fixing pain and movement, rehab, and brain training.


Focus on: Weightlifting, bodybuilding, unorthodox exercise programming, elite performance strategies, and body composition.

Training packages are billed monthly and include: 1 hour long zoom /facetime/skype call per week, ongoing tech support by text and email, and weekly tailored programing.

My unique talent stack:

-Z-Health® Movement Re Education Specialist. Pain, rehab, movement, and brain training.

-Over 25 years of weightlifting and training.

-Multi sport master's competitor- WL, BJJ, 100m.

-Lifetime athlete: hockey, football, track and field, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting.

-2014 Sr. National Weightlifting Medalist.

-2018 World Master's Weightlifting Medalist.



-BJJ student.

I have been lifting weights since 1996, I have competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting. I have had many different injuries and setbacks, which inspired me to get to the root of the problem through neurology. I have tried many different diets, like the classic 90's bodybuilder, Paleo, Keto, and of course the see-food diet (eat anything I see).

-Technique analysis for Olympic Weightlifting, snatch, clean and jerk, press, squat, deadlift, assistance exercise and general weight training. 

-Injury prevention, fixing pain, fixing problems, fixing movement, and unorthodox rehab.

-Training program design / recommendations, tailoring, tech support, and monitoring.

-Strength development.

-Nutrition and Supplementation ideas.

-Bodybuilding. Please don't choose this option. 😆😂😃. If you become an athlete, you will end up looking better as a byproduct. 


Or hit me up on twitter: @mountainmanstrg


As an athlete

-Bronze at 2018 World Masters Weightlifting Championships.

-Bronze at 2014 Canadian sr. National Weightlifting Championships.

Coaching certs.

-Z-Health R-phase & Essentials for Elite Performance -2020. 

-NCCP Intro to competition 1a & 1b-2012, Resistance training module -2016.

People I have trained under:

Dieter Stamm- 2008-2012

Christine Girard- 2013-2014

Joel Klassen- 2014-2016

Guy Greavette- Competition coach at 2013 & 2014 Canadian Weightlifting Nationals.

Ted Kewin- Z-Health trainer since 2015.

People I have trained or helped with Olympic Weightlifting: 

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