Competition Results

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2018 World Masters Weightlifting - M35 94KG CATEGORY- Barcelona, Spain
Snatch-114, 118, 120
C&J- 145, 150, 161x
Total- 270kg 3rd place

2016 Canadian National Championships

Snatch 127, 131x, 131x,
C&J 151, 157, 169x 
Total- 284kg 6th place. 

March 28/ 2015 Western Canadian Championships.
Weight Class- 94kg
Clean and Jerk-159kg, 165kg,168x
Official Results

February 21/2015 BC Masters Championships
Weight Class-105kg.
Snatch Attempts-115,119,123kg (New M30 -105kg National Record)
Clean and Jerk Attempts-150,157,162x. (early drop due to ref miscommunication)
Official Results
December 13/2014 BC Provincial Championships
Body weight-93.5kg
Weight Class-94kg class
Snatch Attempts-120,124x,124kg
Clean and Jerk Attempts-155,163x,163kg
Official Results

August 15/ 2014 Ogopogo
Body weight-96.8kg
Weight class-105kg
Snatch Attempts-115,119,122 (power snatches)
Clean and Jerk Attempts-154,161,165x
Official Results

May 17/ 2014 Canadian Nationals
Body weight-93kg
Weight class-94kg
Snatch Attempts were-124,127,129
Clean and Jerk Attempts were- 159,167kg(PR),171x
Official Results
Feb 22/ 2014 A&R memorial
Body weight-93kg
Weight class-94kg
Snatch Attempts were-126,131x,135x
Clean and Jerk Attempts were- 162,166kg(PR),170x

Provincial Championships BC, Canada.
Bodyweight was- 93.3kg
Weight class- 94kg
Snatch Attempts were-126,131,135kg (PR)
Clean and Jerk Attempts were-160,165,169kg x
Silver medal finish, I ended up losing gold on bodyweight (.9kg).
Official results.

  August 2013 Ogopogo.
Weight 93.6Kg. Snatch 125, 129x,129KG. Clean and Jerks 160(elbow on knee)x, (press out)x, 160KG. Total 289kg. Tied for first place in 94kg category but got Silver on body weight.

  June 30th Seafest. I was doing power snatch and power clean and split jerk test. Weight: 97.8kg. -105kg cat. Snatch:117kg, 121kg, 125kgx(elbow movement) Clean and Jerk: 150kg, 155kg, 160kg(Full clean)=281kg total. Gold.  

May 19th 2013 Canadian National Championships. Weight 102.13kg. Category -105kg. Snatch: 126kg, 131kgx,x,. Clean and Jerk: 165kg, 170kgx,175kgx(missed the jerk)=291kg Total 8th.

Dec 17th 2012 BC Championships. Weight 98.5kg. Category -105kg.
Snatch: 125kg, 130kg, 135xkg. Clean and Jerk: 160kg, 165kg, 170kg =300kg Total. Gold.

Aug 18th 2012- Ogopogo Weightlifting competition. Weight 94kg, unfortunately I bomb out of the 94kg category for not making any snatches. I attempted 129x,x, 130x. Weird because my 125 kg snatch back in the warmups felt great. Maybe cutting weight caused me trouble.
Here are the clean and jerks from the same competition. 156kg, 161kg, 166kg x.

June 30th Seafest 2012 Olympic Weightlifting competition held in White Rock, BC, Canada. I weighed in at 95.8kg's and competed in the 105kg weight class. My attempts were 129, 134x, and 137x kg's.
Here are my clean and jerks from the Seafest 2012 competition. Clean and jerk attempts were 161,166x,166x. Body weight was 95.8kg's. I won gold in the -105kg category.

March 31/2012. Western Canadian Championships. 293kg Total @ 97.9 Kg Body weight.  Bronze in 105 Kg Cat.

Jan 31/2009 My first ever weightlifting competition, weight 90.8 Kg. My snatch attempts were: 87kg,90kgx, 90kg. My Clean and Jerk attempts were: 97kg,102kg,110kg. Official total: 200kg, good enough for bronze in the 94kg class.

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