Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Coffee Snob Page

No, I don't roast my own beans or have a beaker that I pour my coffee through like some hipster. But, I do appreciate organic free trade coffee! And I know enough to make sure I buy beans, grind them myself, and drink my coffee out of a French press. If you don't do those things, START!  And also, if you haven't tried grass fed butter in your coffee with MCT oil, try it! I will rate the best coffee's by taste in ascending order:

UPDATE! We may have a new #1 Coffee bean! Costco sells a delicious organic bean from Italy called LAVAZZA coffee. 
Bullet Proof medium roast beans rank #1
 I have tried a lot of different coffee's and despite the high price, I keep coming back to BulletProof's upgraded medium roast beans. They are guaranteed mycotoxin free (wether you think those claims are a marketing ploy, genius or not is another story.) The coffee I make with these beans is the best ever, bar none. The coffee is a smooth tasting perfect balanced flavour with no after taste. I make perfectly rich tasting cup of brew in a French press, with 4 scoops of freshly ground beans, sitting in hot water for 10 minutes. To order in Canada click here. 

Rank #2 for best tasting is Level Ground Bolivia Med roast.
One coffee that I like but is not pictured here is  Kicking Horse. I would rate them in upper half of midrange for taste.

Pretty good tasting option from Costco. Has a unique flavour.

Not as nice as Level Ground's Medium Roast.
Even though it is priced the same as Bulletproof's beans, these ones aren't close.
Another decent option at Costco.

The worst organic free trade coffee I tried was bought from Amazon, here it is

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