Monday, March 14, 2016

The Road to 2016 Nationals part 1

Training is going well, I am progressing and building momentum towards 2016 weightlifting Nationals. Here is a video of a Slo-mo 120kg snatch from the other day at the end of a squat cycle:
Focusing on driving legs through the platform at the start, close bar path, and head/eyes slightly angled down at the catch position for optimal bar/shoulder position.

Here are some recent good meals I have enjoyed:
Vegetables from our garden.

Beats and Carrots from our garden.

Tomatoes, beans, and Russian purple potatoes from our garden.

Seared grass fed beef roast on our veggies.

Basic grass fed beef, rice, and avocado.
Pasture raised ham with organic honey glaze.

Rice, grass fed ground beef with yellow tomatoes.

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