Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eating and Training for 2015 Western Canadian Championships

Venison Steaks

Lately I have been training under Joel Klassen and we have made a few interesting changes to my programming. I am training pretty much every day, eating like a horse, working on weaknesses,  and leaving a little in the tank to keep myself excited for the next session. I have been pleased with the result, but the real test will be at the 2015 Western Canadian Championships.
Elk Sausage on rice.

Venison, sheep and goat hearts.

Various Sausages.

Hamburger with cauliflower.

Bacon covered meatloaf.

Asian style egg and bacon on top of cauliflower.

Rice, Beef, and broccoli.

Lamb chops, rice, and broccoli.

Thumbs up.

Typical breakfast. Eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.

A nice rib steak with broccoli, carrots, and rice.

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