Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jeans for Weightlifters and Powerlifters

Being an iron athlete, do you find it hard to get a pair of jeans that actually fit? Or do you do what I do and buy a couple sizes too big so they fit over your thighs? Well one company, with the help of crowdfunding, has put their creative talents to work and created Barbell Athletic Apparel.
I decided to give these jeans a try and will do a thorough review soon. I received a coupon code from Barbell Athletic Apparel: http://barbellapparel.refr.cc/D7KJZJM Check it out for 10% off all products for men and women. They are also working on a new project to provide high tech Chino Pants and Shorts for; weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, crossfitters, strongmen etc.

Update, I was not able to find a pair that fit me right. I had a choice to choose pants that looked like they were painted on, which fit my waist, or choose a snug/comfy size up, that was 4-6" too big for my waist. Either my legs are too big for even Barbell Jeans, or they need to loosen up the leg space some more. Regardless, the company gave me a full refund.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trying Poliquin's Meat and Nuts Breakfast

Grass fed beef T-Bone in a cast iron pan.
After reading about "intolerances" and figuring that I have eaten eggs for breakfast for the last 18 years, I was finally convinced to try the Meat and Nuts Breakfast by a Poliquin certified trainer. I was hesitant to try it because eggs are so easy to prepare and I do like them. Here is a sample rotation from Charles Poliquin:
"Day 1
• 1-2 Buffalo meat patties
• 1 handful of macadamia nuts

Day 2
• 1 large venison steak
• 1 handful of cashew nuts

Day 3
• 1-2 Lean turkey burgers
• 1 handful of almonds

Day 4
• 1-2 lean ground beef patties
Pasture grown pigs produced this back bacon.
• 1 handful of brazil nuts

Day 5
• 1-2 chicken breasts
• 1 handful of hazelnuts

Day 6
• 8-10 gluten free chicken sausages
• 1 handful of pistachios
The key is to rotate the meat types and nut types as to avoid building intolerances in your body. I have not been following it to the letter, but I still make sure I eat a different meat and nut each day. Turkey, Grass fed beef, chicken, pasture raised pork, and bison have all been worked into the rotation.
Ground Chicken.
Wild Sockeye Salmon filet and Moose burger.

Bratwurst from pasture raised pork.
Sardines to increase Acetylcholine.
Grass Fed tenderloin beef..
Bison Burger

Bacon from pasture grown pigs.

Turkey Sausage

Dry Turkey Breast. Not my favourite. 

Farmer sausage from pasture raised pigs.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Training the Next Generation

When you love something, you want to share it. For myself, I love the outdoors and weightlifting and share it with anyone who cares to learn. Lately I have been coaching these 3 kids ages 10 through 12 from stark beginners to weightlifting competitors. Here are their lifts from their first competition:

Ben at age 12: Carmela at age 12
Clarice at age 10
They made the local newspaper:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eating and Training for 2015 Western Canadian Championships

Venison Steaks

Lately I have been training under Joel Klassen and we have made a few interesting changes to my programming. I am training pretty much every day, eating like a horse, working on weaknesses,  and leaving a little in the tank to keep myself excited for the next session. I have been pleased with the result, but the real test will be at the 2015 Western Canadian Championships.
Elk Sausage on rice.

Venison, sheep and goat hearts.

Various Sausages.

Hamburger with cauliflower.

Bacon covered meatloaf.

Asian style egg and bacon on top of cauliflower.

Rice, Beef, and broccoli.

Lamb chops, rice, and broccoli.

Thumbs up.

Typical breakfast. Eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.

A nice rib steak with broccoli, carrots, and rice.