Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eleiko Weightlifting Wraps

Eleiko wrist wraps.
I have used the Eleiko wrist wraps in training and competition for almost 2 years and knee wraps for almost 1 year. I have almost worn through my second pair of wrist wraps even though I had them repaired once. The knee wraps are still going strong.

Wrist Wraps.

The Good
- Comfortable. 
- Convienient to loosen/ tighten between sets. 
- Washable. 
- Supportive but not restrictive. 
- Relatively inexpensive. 

The Bad. 
High wear area by the loops.
-Velcro stitching is not strong. 
-The area around the thumb loops get's stretched. 
-Less than 1 year life span. 

In summary, don't expect the wrist wraps to be as good as Eleiko's barbells. 

Knee Wraps

The Good:

Eleiko Knee Wraps.
-Offers more support/tension than knee sleeves. 
-Totally adjustable to different sizes and desired tension. 
-More breathable than knee sleeves. 
-Flexible material. 

The Bad

- They can loosen during movement, so you will need to continually adjust them between sets.

Here is a video of a competition while I wear Eleiko wraps:
To order Eleiko wrist wraps contact Guy at Viking Weightlifting Equipment. 

To try some from other wraps, check out Bells of Steel.

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