Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adipower Weightlifting shoe review

Training and competing with these shoes for over 2 years has been a delight.

The Good:
- Very stable and solid heel.
- Flexible sole. 
- Tough and long lasting. 
- Comfortable. 

The Bad:
- Expensive. 
- Narrow fit. I have to get a slightly bigger shoe to work for my wide foot. 
- I have seen some pairs crack at the toe crease. Although Adidas has rectified this with their new white version of the Adipower, my WL shoes have been crack free. Perhaps due to the fact I use shoe trees when I'm not using them. 

Overall, I would say these are the best weightlifting shoes money can buy, especially if you have a narrow - normal foot width. If you have a wider foot like me, you may want to try the Nike Romaleos 2 weightlifting shoe. 

To order Adipowers in Canada, I highly recommend the Adidas dealer Viking equipment. Guy Greavette will draw on his unprecedented experience in the field being a past elite weightlifter. 

In the states you can search online for East bay shoes for the best deal or try Dynamic in Washington.

Below is a video of a competition wearing Adipowers:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eleiko Weightlifting Wraps

Eleiko wrist wraps.
I have used the Eleiko wrist wraps in training and competition for almost 2 years and knee wraps for almost 1 year. I have almost worn through my second pair of wrist wraps even though I had them repaired once. The knee wraps are still going strong.

Wrist Wraps.

The Good
- Comfortable. 
- Convienient to loosen/ tighten between sets. 
- Washable. 
- Supportive but not restrictive. 
- Relatively inexpensive. 

The Bad. 
High wear area by the loops.
-Velcro stitching is not strong. 
-The area around the thumb loops get's stretched. 
-Less than 1 year life span. 

In summary, don't expect the wrist wraps to be as good as Eleiko's barbells. 

Knee Wraps

The Good:

Eleiko Knee Wraps.
-Offers more support/tension than knee sleeves. 
-Totally adjustable to different sizes and desired tension. 
-More breathable than knee sleeves. 
-Flexible material. 

The Bad

- They can loosen during movement, so you will need to continually adjust them between sets.

Here is a video of a competition while I wear Eleiko wraps:
To order Eleiko wrist wraps contact Guy at Viking Weightlifting Equipment. 

To try some from other wraps, check out Bells of Steel.