Friday, September 5, 2014

These Blue Shoes

A poetic journey of my first pair of Polish weightlifting shoes:

These blue shoes, who will they choose?
Blue weightlifting shoes and barbell.

These blue shoes came from a man named Dieter Stamm

He would invest in these for you, if you were a young man who had some jam. 
The author pulling on a barbell
wearing the shoes in question.

When you wear these blue shoes you are only allowed to say "I can."

I wore these blue shoes for years. Adding 100 kilos onto my total while facing my fears. 

These blue shoes even absorbed some tears. 

Then one friend tried them on and thought to himself "I will compete not before long."

He added confidence like a buck outgrowing his former fawn. 

And after not too long, he passed them on. 

Brother Andrew wearing the blue weightlifting shoes at a comp.

Andrew got back.

Brother youngest placed his foot inside and began tying. He transformed from gazelle to lion. 

Sometimes frustrated but always kept trying. 

He made a super total and now is pursuing a cause worth dying. 

The latest victim of the shoes.
One day at a party these shoes chose an unsuspecting soul, whose body would soon take a toll. 

His positive energy would be his console. 

Time will tell, if this computer jockey will get swole. 

Since 2009, these blue shoes have started 4 men in competitive weightlifting. Who will they choose next?