Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wood Jerk Blocks by Greg Everett

Thank you Greg for the detailed instructions on the jerk block building tutorial. I love these jerk blocks. You can customize the height you want by using different size blocks or removing blocks. You can also use these blocks for doing pulls or the lifts from knee height by just using the top 2 layers. They are not cheap though, there is about $350 worth of material and a full days labour invested in these blocks. The main boxes are light to move around and stack but the top layer of 4x4's are kinda heavy.
I don't have an issue moving them around but if you don't quite have mountain man strength yet (haha), you might need a partner to help move the top layer. You used to be able to access the plans here:
But, now it looks like you need to be a member of the site for said access. Here is another site that has jerk block plans:
Here are some videos of my using the above jerk blocks for different lifts in my training:

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