Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick 12 With Jared Enderton

1- You've done a lot of sports: wrestling and strongman for example. What inspired you to try Olympic weightlifting? I always loved lifting since I was in 6th grade when I started tagging along with my older brother. I used to steal his pre-workout supplements because I thought they'd make me big like him, haha! He could bench 300+ as like a freshman or soph in high school so he was a monster. MY only goals were to beat his #'s growing up. That was it. So after wrestling went into strongman because of the late Jesse Marunde. Did that for 3.5 years, then was sick of weighing 300lbs and made the drop. I didn't have intentions of doing weightlifting when losing the weight. I just started to feel more athletic so I tried out weightlifting! 

2- What keeps you going? I've wasted a ton of time in weightlifting. Being unfocused, selfish, and hard headed. What keeps me going is to reach my potential and to actually lift the biggest weights I am capable of. I'm sick of holding myself back. 

3- You have trained at a lot of different clubs. Broz, OTC, and Cal strength. What place is your favourite in terms of atmosphere and philosophy? Can I even answer this question without making a bunch of people mad? Ha. OTC was my favourite. Zygmunt Smalcerz is the greatest coach in the world IMO. But, I did love being at Broz's a lot, and also learned a TON from the athletes at Cal Strength. In terms of an overall experience the OTC was life changing. But I really learned a ton from each gym. At the time I didn't learn it because I was too busy blaming others for my failures. Now, I'm in a position where when I reflect I've learned all the lessons. 

4- Must have supplement? HMB! And Creatine from Top Secret Nutrition. It(HMB) really just helps in my recovery. I feel like I am much fresher for each workout when I take it. The most important thing is your dosage. They have charts on their website to make sure you take the right amount for your bodyweight.

5- Favourite exercise? Back Squat 

6- List all your PR's - 157kg snatch, 195kg clean and jerk, 260bs, 235fs, 250kg bench press, 180kg push press (from the front), 210kg block jerk 

7- Favourite thing about garage lifting? You figure it out yourself. You learn to love your own company & work things out in your mind. Both in terms of lifting and in life. 

8- Diet philosophy? Eat to perform! Eat everything. Carbs, protein, and fats. Nothing is meant to be 100% avoided. 

9- What manufactures PRs? Willpower & consistency. Listen to your coach. Keep your head down. Stop reading and start doing. Believe in yourself. 

10- What is the Longest you went without a PR? 14 months...and been in the sport less than 4 years. Still stuck with it though. 

11- Goals in weightlifting? Win the Arnold 2014. 

12 - Proudest accomplishments in weightlifting? Nothing I feel proud of yet. Ask me next year :)
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