Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pendlay Elite Jerk Blocks

Good idea, quality components, but they are very heavy and cumbersome. It takes 2-3 people to adjust them. They are freaking LOUD when the weights drop on them, and the adjustable pins fall out sometimes when dropping weight on them. They bounce around a bit when dropping weights on them and it is hard to reposition the tables because of the weight. I know I must seem like a loser being a weightlifter and complaining about how heavy something is but I joke with my friends saying "I can only move things that are attached to a barbell." I also use some home made jerk blocks built out of wood, that are stackable blocks. Funny enough, the wood ones cost me as much to build (materials&labour) as you can buy these ones for from Pendlay. Although I like the weight, adjustability, and sound better on the wood ones; I do think the Pendlay Elite Jerk Blocks would be more durable. Another advantage the wood ones have over the Pendlay Elite Jerk Blocks is that you can adjust them to do pulls and lifts from low block heights with them; where as with the Pendlay set you can only do jerks. Instructions for the wood ones are found here:
Notice in the above picture you can see the pin dislodged from the previous set. If you need to adjust the height, 1 person needs to hold up the table while the other person adjusts the pin. Here is a video of me jerking 175kg from the Pendlay Jerk Tables. I wish I would have dropped the weight on the table so you can hear the noise. Perhaps next time I use them I will do this. Check out discount weightlifting equipment here.

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