Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jared Enderton on Weightlifting Talk

I have always liked Jared Enderton because he seems like a self starting, do it yourself, down to earth guy. I have followed his weightlifting career ever since he became public at California Strength. He has been an accomplished wrestler, aspiring strongman (over 300lbs @5'6") and now a journeyman weightlifter with PR's around the 150/180KG mark. When I heard he was on Weightlifting Talk I listened to the podcast. He talks about:

-Garage training (I know about this).
-Olympic hopefuls (to tell you the  truth, I had no idea what this meant).
-Coming back from injury (have this in common too).
-Training at Average Broz Gym during the USADA raid.
-Training at the Olympic Training Center.

Check out the podcast:

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