Sunday, November 3, 2013

Andrew's First Power Lifting Meet

Today my brother Andrew Ott had his first power-lifting competition. I am not a power lifter but I was thrilled to coach/support my brother in iron and blood, in his first competition. Andrew had started lifting weights 8 months ago but started with a power lifting focus in August. I heard through Joel Klassen at his gym BLM Barbell that they were hosting a meet in Abbotsford called the fall classic. I mentioned this to Andrew and he was on board with the idea. It was a good chance for Andrew to test his max lifts in a great environment. Andrew competed as a raw(un-equipped) junior lifter in the 74kg category. Andrew talked about his openers with me and we picked conservative weights as this was his first comp and did not know true max lifts at this point. Andrew Squatted 115kg, 125kg and because this was a grinder I chose 127.5kg for his 3rd squat but that was a no lift. Then he benched 80kg, 85kg, then 87.5kg was a no lift. For dead lifts Andrew started with 152.5kg, then 162.5kg, that went up easy so I challenged him to try to dead lift my clean PR of 175kg. Andrew smoked it, so next comp he will have to try to hit over 180kg for sure. Andrew went 7/9, made PR's in each lift, and made a 385kg total at 72.8kg as a junior in his first competition. A big congratulations is in order!

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