Friday, October 18, 2013

Pendlay Elite Bumpers

I bought a 140kg set of Pendlay Elite Coloured bumper plates from the Muscle Driver USA website in 2009. When they arrived I was disappointed that there was a split in the red 25kg plate and some bulges in the bumpers. I emailed Glenn (God rest his soul) and he assured me that if any substantial damage happened, he would replace under warranty. That was good enough for me.
This picture is in late 2013. I use these bumpers regularly. You can tell they are used but there is only superficial wear and tear. These bumpers still perform awesome. I like the way they drop. Very consistent and with a nice thud. They are not erratic like Mavrik or Hercules bumpers, now made by DHS. They have proven themselves tough and reliable over time. Even though there is some superficial splits around the collar steel inserts, they still are tight with no play. Now Pendlay has redesigned their bumper plates. 
Their new elite plates are a more consistent product with larger steel collar inserts similar to the Eleiko design. My work ordered a set with the Pendlay HD Nexgen bar so I have used it occasionally at the work gym. They seem a bit harder of a bumper so they still have minimal bounce when they land making their behaviour predictable. I think the new elite bumpers are a better product than the previous line but I am happy using both. The only thing the older Pendlay Elite bumpers have over the new ones is a bit of a softer thud. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these as Rogue acquired Muscle Driver. I would check out Bells of Steel if you are looking for a budget friendly weightlifting set of bumpers.

Here are some pics of how these plates came new to me:

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