Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MDUSA European Bumpers

Awesome and economical. I have only used these periodically for a few months as I write this so I do not have years of data, but so far I really like them. They do not look as fancy as the flag ship Elite Bumpers made by Pendlay, but they perform similar. I would say that the main difference is that the insert design is more sturdy on the Pendlay Elite Bumpers and these plates are more similar to the previous Pendlay Elite Colored Bumpers. They are solid with a nice predictable thud upon landing. They are harder than the previous Pendlay Elite Bumpers. No erratic bouncing around like Hercules bumper plates. The quality of the product is very consistent and I have not found any manufacturing flaws. You can't purchase Muscle Driver or Pendlay bumper plates anymore because they were acquired by Rogue. You can get some decent quality bumpers on a budget from Bells of Steel though.
The only negative complaint I have is that they don't exactly measure the same diameter as my Pendlay elite colored bumpers as you can see below:

Because of this I only use them for squats or pulls because I do not want to stress the collars and the bar unevenly as the other bumpers are not evenly dispersing the weight.

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