Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013-10-26 Training

I had a decent workout today even though I have a chest/head cold. My shoulders and knees were a bit achey. However, I still put in a solid effort to end the week. Now I will eat some awesome bee roast with broccoli and yams spiced with cayenne pepper. And some vitamin C. 

Here is some recent training clips:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MDUSA European Bumpers

Awesome and economical. I have only used these periodically for a few months as I write this so I do not have years of data, but so far I really like them. They do not look as fancy as the flag ship Elite Bumpers made by Pendlay, but they perform similar. I would say that the main difference is that the insert design is more sturdy on the Pendlay Elite Bumpers and these plates are more similar to the previous Pendlay Elite Colored Bumpers. They are solid with a nice predictable thud upon landing. They are harder than the previous Pendlay Elite Bumpers. No erratic bouncing around like Hercules bumper plates. The quality of the product is very consistent and I have not found any manufacturing flaws. You can't purchase Muscle Driver or Pendlay bumper plates anymore because they were acquired by Rogue. You can get some decent quality bumpers on a budget from Bells of Steel though.
The only negative complaint I have is that they don't exactly measure the same diameter as my Pendlay elite colored bumpers as you can see below:

Because of this I only use them for squats or pulls because I do not want to stress the collars and the bar unevenly as the other bumpers are not evenly dispersing the weight.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

DHS Change Plates

The Kg change plates from DHS are Awesome. They do have a bit of friction on them so they hold the bigger bumper plate weights on the bar decently. They are rubber coated and coloured. The set comes with 2-.5kg, 2-1kg, 2-1.5kg, 2-2kg, 2-2.5kg, 2-5kg plates. 1 have used them for over a year without any issues. 
For a more economical set, you can check out Bells of Steel.

Hercules Bumper Plates

I personally do not like these bumper plates. They bounce erratically from side to side when dropped. The red 25kg plate grew a big circular crack around the edge. This crack developed only after a few months of lifting. You can see the crack in the picture below. 
The positive remarks I will give these plates is that they are all uniform thickness and the 10kg green plates are very durable. Usually 10's are the weakest of the bunch. However, for the price, you might as well get something much more formidable, like Eleiko or Rogue. For the budget conscious lifter, Bells of Steel has some good options.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

MDUSA 1KG Rule Change Plate Set

The Pendlay 1KG rule change plate set from MDUSA (Now Rogue) are an economical choice ($100) for some change plates. I have been dropping bars for years with these loaded on the outside of my Pendlay bumper plates with no problems. I definitely recommend them. They come as a set of: 2x5kg plates, 2x2.5kg plates, 2x2kg plates,2x1.5kg plates, 2x1kg plates, and 2x 0.5kg plates. You can't purchase them anymore unfortunately.  However, you can take a look at Bells of Steel.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pendlay Elite Bumpers

I bought a 140kg set of Pendlay Elite Coloured bumper plates from the Muscle Driver USA website in 2009. When they arrived I was disappointed that there was a split in the red 25kg plate and some bulges in the bumpers. I emailed Glenn (God rest his soul) and he assured me that if any substantial damage happened, he would replace under warranty. That was good enough for me.
This picture is in late 2013. I use these bumpers regularly. You can tell they are used but there is only superficial wear and tear. These bumpers still perform awesome. I like the way they drop. Very consistent and with a nice thud. They are not erratic like Mavrik or Hercules bumpers, now made by DHS. They have proven themselves tough and reliable over time. Even though there is some superficial splits around the collar steel inserts, they still are tight with no play. Now Pendlay has redesigned their bumper plates. 
Their new elite plates are a more consistent product with larger steel collar inserts similar to the Eleiko design. My work ordered a set with the Pendlay HD Nexgen bar so I have used it occasionally at the work gym. They seem a bit harder of a bumper so they still have minimal bounce when they land making their behaviour predictable. I think the new elite bumpers are a better product than the previous line but I am happy using both. The only thing the older Pendlay Elite bumpers have over the new ones is a bit of a softer thud. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these as Rogue acquired Muscle Driver. I would check out Bells of Steel if you are looking for a budget friendly weightlifting set of bumpers.

Here are some pics of how these plates came new to me:

Friday, October 11, 2013

DHS Needle Bearing Olympic Bar

I have been using a DHS needle bearing Olympic bar (training bar) weekly, for the last year. I will start off with some quick ratings: Spin=great, knurling=good, whip=great, durability=great, price=great. The knurling would have scored an excellent if the center knurl didn't chew up my neck so much on cleans and front squats. But the bar does have a nice knurling for grip without being to aggressive like some of the newer Eleiko training bars I have tried. No complaints on the spin, just keep it oiled regularly and they will be fine. It does spin better than bushing bars, no question. I also use a Pendlay bushing bar and it is decent but does not spin as nice as this needle bearing bar. The collars are solid and work really well doubling as 2.5kg weights. Pictured below is the 190kg DHS training set with men's and women's bar.
We have had a couple issues. Initially one of the DHS bar's needle bearings were damaged. Then after a year of use, one of the other DHS bars has a slight bend in it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013-10-10 Training

Crushed some good numbers today then crushed a good meal!
Elk sausage and squash.