Saturday, September 21, 2013

Voodoo Floss

In order to keep my knee pain at bay to continue training, I am always doing maintenance on my self.  This includes mobility work, foam rolling, Physio treatment, chiropractor visits, ART, and now voodoo floss. I ordered them from rogue fitness:
after a weightlifting friend recommended them to me. After watching Kelly Starrett on YouTube I tried it out. I wrap up each patella tendon and do 20 body weight squats. Then I wrap up above the knee cap and repeat. It does hurt when wrapping them up but feels good when squatting. I notice it does help reduce pain. The science behind it is that the bands break up the adhesions and junk around your knees. It's a good way to do bush league ART on yourself. I definitely recommend it if you are having knee pain. Kelly Starrett shows how it's done:

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