Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trying Bulletproof Coffee

If you have not heard of Dave Asprey's bullet proof coffee recipe you can read more about it on bulletproof. Basically you are just adding grass fed, non salted butter to your coffee, and MCT oil. Dave recommends buying his coffee as it is guaranteed to have mold free beans.  Kerrygold makes the grass fed unsalted butter, and you can get the MCT oil from Dave's site as well. The premise is that you clear "head fog" and turn your coffee into a cancer, and fat fighting super coffee. I have been following the exact recipe for a week now and I can definitely tell a difference in quality of the coffee. I also have been loving the rich taste of the grass fed butter in the coffee. This is the first time I have been drinking coffee without adding sugar or cream so I guess that is a huge plus. I even look forward to having coffee the next morning when I am getting ready to sleep. I can not tell you for sure if I notice a difference with "head fog". It is hard to quantify that claim without doing before and after IQ tests. I definitely recommend this coffee if you are health conscious and want to make sure you are putting the healthiest choices in your mouth.

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