Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Monday February 11th. Had the last couple days off thankfully. I am recovering from a nasty cold and lost a good 8lbs during it. On the mend now, and had some awesome beef stew with grass fed beef in it. I really miss hook gripping the cold steel bar in my garage. Going to get back at it tomorrow. Here are some recent training highlights:

Push Press 140kgx3

Power Cleans
120kgx4, 125kgx4, 130kgx4, 140kgx3, 145kgx3, 145kgx3

2013-01-19 Training:
Power cleans up to 140kgx2,150kgx2*(missed 2nd one),140kgx2x4
Snatch Jump Pulls-120kgx5,125kgx5x4
Squats-180kgx5,190kgx5x2, 200kgx5
Video of squats:

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