Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dark Orchestra: 235

Jon North nails a set of Olympic Back squats for a set of 5 with 235kg. Notice his narrow stance, but his toes are still pointed out:
The Dark Orchestra: 235: The squat cycle from Hell has finally come to an end.  3 weeks out from the Arnold, and I have never felt more alive.  Thank you, Dark Or...

Olympic Weightlifting | Doctor Hartman: Weightlifting Training Videos 3

Some recent phenomenal lifts:
Olympic Weightlifting | Doctor Hartman: Weightlifting Training Videos 3: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (‘12 gold medalist @ 105kg) lifting at a local meet in the Ukraine- A powerful 195kg Snatch: Followed by an equally i...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First day back

After battling a nasty cold for a week I am finally back training. Started rusty but drop snatches went alright making 130kg for a double. Pulls and squats took their toll on me though. Happy to be back though.

Wrestling Canada 'deeply surprised' sport dropped by IOC | CTV News

Wrestling Canada 'deeply surprised' sport dropped by IOC | CTV News
I cannot believe this is happening. We need to petition this somehow. Wrestling is a staple sport. A noble sport where opponents rise to the challenge of ultimate strength, toughness, and persistence. We need this sport. We could drop equestrian instead. We do not need to see who has the best horse at the Olympics.

Pre workout Post workout Rant

I don't understand people who waste money on pre and post workout supplements but cant even eat a decent breakfast with eggs, oatmeal, and fruit. Eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, then we will talk pre and post workout specific meals. And then we can talk about using fish oil, whey, multi's, and then if you have extra money after buying organic veggies, grass fed beef, boneless skinless chicken breast, then we will talk supplements. Too many bro's out there taking Jack3d or whatever but cant even eat a decent breakfast.


Monday February 11th. Had the last couple days off thankfully. I am recovering from a nasty cold and lost a good 8lbs during it. On the mend now, and had some awesome beef stew with grass fed beef in it. I really miss hook gripping the cold steel bar in my garage. Going to get back at it tomorrow. Here are some recent training highlights:

Push Press 140kgx3

Power Cleans
120kgx4, 125kgx4, 130kgx4, 140kgx3, 145kgx3, 145kgx3

2013-01-19 Training:
Power cleans up to 140kgx2,150kgx2*(missed 2nd one),140kgx2x4
Snatch Jump Pulls-120kgx5,125kgx5x4
Squats-180kgx5,190kgx5x2, 200kgx5
Video of squats: